Western Corridor improvements


Western Corridor Improvement Scheme.

Newsletter - July 2018 

 Location of Schemes 

This is designed to improve the cycle and pedestrian facilities on the western side of Yeovil, along with improvements to the major junctions and roundabouts to provide more vehicle capacity.

Frequently asked questions Yeovil Western Corridor Scheme

How many signal controlled pedestrian crossings will there be along the spinal footpath / cycleway adjacent to the YWC scheme in the Abbey Manor area?

There will be two new signal controlled pedestrian / cycle crossings, both on Stourton Way. Work will commence on these during February.

Why has the surface of the cycleway / footpath through Abbey Manor been left with such a poor finish?

Residents can see a completed surface between Pound Close and Higher Ream, although there are still painted markings to be applied denoting cycle/ pedestrian. Where the path is widened it is infilled and the path made safe for users. Once an appropriate length of path is ready the finished surface is applied, avoiding a patchwork effect if done in smaller sections. The grassed areas at the side of the path will look much better once the new grass grows in the springtime.

Why is only one Lane( in each direction) on the Bluebell roundabout open? There are long periods when no work is taking place so why are lanes coned off when there are no workmen present?

Work at the Bluebell roundabout has impacted directly on the inside lane, resulting in a narrowing of that lane to less than the legal requirement. To ensure a safe and smooth circulation of traffic on the roundabout, one lane is created and drivers are alerted to this on each approach route.

Currently drivers coming from Preston Road roundabout towards Bluebell roundabout turn right into the crematorium despite signs advising against this. Is anything going to be done to prevent drivers doing this?

A Traffic regulation order will enforce a no right turn into the crematorium for traffic coming from the Preston Road roundabout. The alignment of the entrance will facilitate improved access for traffic coming from the Bluebell roundabout and turning left into the crematorium whilst further deterring drivers attempting an illegal right turn.



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