Leisure Activities

Yeovil Montacute parkrun
(every Saturday morning at 9.30am at Montacute House)

The event was established in September 2013 and is now attracting around 130 runners each week. Many are established runners and the voluntary group that organises the run each week is now seeking to try and attract runners who may be thinking of returning to exercise or who just want to lose weight etc. The organisers are also keen to hear from anyone who may want to volunteer now and again as a marshal.

There is no charge to take part whatsoever. Parkrun Poster

Brymton House






A Note for Dog Walkers

Neospora abortion is now the most commonly diagnosed cause of abortion in cattle and is a serious concern for UK farmers. It can be caused by cattle ingesting the protozoan parasite Neospora caninum which may be carried by dogs and excreted in their faeces.

With your help the risk of cattle becoming infected can be significantly reduced by ensuring that all your dog’s faeces are picked up when walking in the countryside. Please remember to carry a litter bag with you and take it to your nearest dog litter bin for disposal.

Please adhere to ‘The Countryside Code’ and help protect the countryside and the animals that live in it.

A new leaflet entitled ‘Enjoy the countryside responsibly with your dog’ is available to view on the NFU website.