There have been two temporary road closure notices received from the County Council, both Orders starting on 8th January 2017:

(1) Prohibition of traffic proceeding along Thorne Lane, from the junction with Tintagel Road, westwards, for a distance of 175 metres. This is to allow Somerset Highways to carry out footway and kerbing works. Any questions, you can contact Somerset Highways on
0300 123 2224

(2) Prohibition of traffic proceeding along Thorne Lane from the junction with Gypsy Lane and Larkhill Road, westwards, for a distance of 400 metres. This is to allow Wessex Water to carry out water main replacement in the road. The order becomes effective on 8th January and remains in force for 18 months – but the works are only expected to last for 8 weeks. Wessex Water can be contacted on 0345 600 4600 if you have any questions.

The alternative route is exactly the same for both, as attached.

Small Improvement Scheme - Stourton Way - An improvement scheme for Stourton Way will be carried out by Somerset County Council. Proposals include installing speed cushions and associated signage. In addition to this, crossings would be improved by building raised tables including one opposite the Primary school. Also, new hatching areas and the refreshment of the existing zigs zags are proposed as part of the scheme.

It is likely that the work will be carried out in 2018.

Winter Service 2017-2018 - 

The attached leaflet outlines the County policy on salting routes, describes what they can and cannot do and what the public can do to assist, including advice on the clearance of snow from pavements. It also contains a map showing the Pre-Salting Network in Somerset and the criteria that were used to develop this network. This also indicates that the majority of roads will not receive treatment and that we all, as road users, have responsibility for our own safety. 


The telephone number for reporting faulty streetlights, illuminated traffic signs and bollards is08456010939. If you have to phone to report a faulty unit, please make a note of the number painted on the light column, the name of the road, the Parish and the nature of the problem. That way, the lamp can be easily identified. The County Council try to get all faults corrected within five days. Not all lights belong to Highways e.g. the lights at the Forum (Abbey Manor) are owned by either SSDC or the landlord.
For those call the Parish Clerk with the number painted on the light column and she will report the fault to the right person.


As you may have observed the Brympton Parish Council has positioned a speed indication device (SID) at various locations on highways running through the Parish. The location of the SID varies periodically as dictated by current legistlation, it cannot be positioned permanmently at one monitoring location. The sites chosen for the location of the SID are as agreed with the SCC Highways Department and generally cover the roads that are known to be areas where the speed limit is regulary exceeded or perceived to be exceeded.

Grit (rock-salt)
The Parish Council has one grit bin which is sited by the zebra crossing on Stourton Way. This is to assist parishioners to reach the shopping centre.
Rock salt can be purchased from local do-it-yourself stores, such as Wickes & B&Q. One thing to remember is that a little goes a long way - one teaspoonful should clear a square, one-metre in size.


Information on dropped kerbs

Parking across a dropped kerb is now a contravention outside London under the Traffic Management Act 2004. However if the vehicle is parked with the permission of the owner of the property it will not be subject to enforcement action. Therefore Somerset County Council will only enforce this contravention on demand.
Should an unknown vehicle be parked across the dropped kerb, the resident/business can contact Parking Services 01823 210566 and the matter will be dealt with at the earliest opportunity by serving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).
Not all dropped kerbs are there to allow access to a private driveway. Dropped kerbs are also placed on the footway or the carriageway for other reasons; to assist
• Pedestrians crossing the carriageway;
• Cyclists entering or leaving the carriageway; or
• Vehicles entering or leaving the carriageway
These dropped kerbs will be enforced in the normal manner and PCNs will be served to vehicles parked in contravention. Any PCNs served for this contravention will not normally be cancelled.