Financial Documents

FINANCE 2019 - 2020


Payments over £100 2019/2020 


24-Apr-19 Democratic services £1,301.18 
24-Apr-19 Geosphere £126.00 Mapping service
24-Apr-19 Matta Products £3,538.15 Replacement safety surfacing
25-Apr-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
22-May-19 Zurich Municipal £474.57 Insurance
22-May-19 SALC £1,191.96 Subscription
25-May-19 Democratic services £1,346.80 
22-May-19 Oldies Get Together £250.00 Grant
22-May-19 Yeovil Division Guide HQ £500.00 Grant
22-May-19 Yeovil Hospital Charity £2,000.00 Grant
22-May-19 Yeovil Rivers Com Trust £100.00 Grant
22-May-19 Yeovil Ukulele Club £250.00 Grant
25-May-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
25-Jun-19 Democratic services £1,346.80 
25-Jun-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
26-Jun-19 JAM Print Ltd £418.00 Printing of Newslink
26-Jun-19 Redshank IT Services Ltd £162.00 Toner cartridges
26-Jun-19 Glasdon UK Limited £207.65 Replacement dog bins
26-Jun-19 Mrs E James £245.36 Office expenses
26-Jun-19 Democratic services £543.89 
25-Jul-19 Democratic services £1,346.80 
25-Jul-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
25-Jul-19 SWEDA £500.00 Grant
25-Aug-19 Democratic services £1,346.80  
25-Aug-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
21-Aug-19 Headway Somerset £335.00 Grant
25-Sep-10 PKF Littlejohn LLP £360.00 Audit fee
25-Sep-10 Democratic services £539.65 
25-Sep-19 Democratic services £1,346.80 
25-Sep-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
23-Oct-19 Glasdon UK Limited £1,444.27 10 x dog bins
23-Oct-19 St James Scout Group £148.80 Delivery of Newslink
23-Oct-19 SLCC Enterprises Ltd £326.10 Training
23-Oct-19 Democratic services £1,346.80 
23-Oct-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
23-Oct-19 1st Preston Plucknett Brownies £150.00 Grant
23-Oct-19 Oldies Get Together £200.00 Grant
23-Oct-19 MSTC (Wessex)Ltd £200.00 Grant
27-Nov-19 SSDC £2,076.31 Additional litter picking
27-Nov-19 JAM Print Ltd £314.00 Newslink printing
27-Nov-19 SLCC £171.00 Subscription
25-Nov-19 Democratic services £1,347.00 
18-Dec-19 Glasdon UK Ltd £1,190.71 2 x seats
18-Dec-19 Vision ICT Ltd £144.00 Work to website
18-Dec-19 Mrs E James £300.18 Clerk’s expenses
18-Dec-19 ACA £108.33 Office rent
18-Dec-19 Thorne Jubilee Hall £300.00 Grant
25-Dec-19 Democratic services £1346.80 
22-Jan-20 Yeovil Town Council £2,000.00 Contribution to VE Day celebrations
22-Jan-20 Yeovil Rivers Trust £2,000.00 Grant
22-Jan-20 Citizens Advice South Somerset £500.00 Grant
22-Jan-20 SSDC – Yeovil Recreation Centre £2,000.00 Contribution to new facilities
25-Jan-20 Democratic services £1347.00 


The Precept requested from the District Council is £61,445. 

This year there is no Rate Support Grant 

The approved budget for 2019-2020 shows a total expenditure for democratic services of £21,166.00.   This amount includes the Clerk's salary for the year and also  what would be payable should the Clerk retire during the year.  

FINANCE 2018-2019

The total precept for 2018-2019, paid to the Parish Council by the District Council, was made up as follows:


               £60,595.00 precept

                    £180.00 rate support grant

  Total       £60,775.00

Finance 2017-2018

The total precept for 2017-2018, paid to the Parish Council by the District Council, was made up as follows:


£58,850 - precept
£     570 - rate support grant


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FINANCE 2020-2021

 BUDGET - approved on 22nd January 2020 for financial year 2020-2021