From Somerset County Council:

Improving Lives Strategy for Somerset


We have a vision to improve the lives of all of our residents in Somerset. We need to work together locally to do this and consider all of the many factors that influence the lives of our residents and communities.


Looking at the data we have on the health and care needs of our population, and talking to people around the county, we have identified four priorities as being particularly important to improving the lives of people in Somerset.


It is essential that these priorities are the right ones, which is why we want to consult as wide a range of stakeholders as possible before the final version is agreed. We would appreciate your views on how the draft strategy aligns to your organisational priorities and how this might be reflected in the document.


There is much joint work already going on across the county and we are keen that your contributions to health, wellbeing and people’s lives is reflected and acknowledged. This strategy is an opportunity to make a real difference to these priorities together, with and for the people of Somerset. 


We are asking you to help us by completing a short questionnaire which is available by following the link: